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Keisha Wright, Founder

Keisha Wright, Founder & CEO

Paradise Found

In the spring of 2012, Keisha Wright traveled to Aruba with a group of girlfriends. She planned to spend a week soaking up the sun, frolicking in the clear blue Caribbean Sea and partying until the wee hours of the morning. She did that for the first three days of the trip, until something happened with a tube of lip gloss that would forever change her life and the lives of beauty junkies everywhere.

Paradise Lost

What happened to Keisha during her vacation happens to women all across the globe every day. She came to the near end of her lip gloss tube, and saw lots of gloss still left inside that the applicator couldn’t reach. Keisha had her first WTF beauty experience. She couldn’t simply run out and replace the color – there was no Bobbi Brown counter in this tropical vacation destination. So, she did what any sane lip gloss lover would do, and tried desperately to reach the remaining gloss with a hair pin.

One of her girlfriends noticed Keisha working feverishly to reach the would-be lost gloss, and showed her how to remove the stopper from the tube, warning her that it would create a sticky mess in her purse. With no other options in sight, she removed the stopper and was able to get several more applications out of the bottle. Removing the stopper was effective, but not at all ideal. After this experience, Keisha vowed to return home and solve this and any other “beauty bother” that came her way!

Swoon Beauty is Born

Back at home, Keisha invested every waking moment (and some of her dream time, too) to launching a beauty company that would solve common beauty frustrations with multi-tasking tools and products. She started with Beauty Bother #1 – lost gloss! From that idea Swoon was born – the company and its namesake first product, a universal lip gloss applicator that helps lip gloss lovers reach and apply all the gloss in their lip gloss tubes.

Swoon Beauty launched in July 2013 at Cosmoprof – the largest beauty tradeshow in North America. On the first morning of the show, Keisha waited patiently for retailers to visit her booth and experience Swoon. The first visitor stopped and looked curiously at the new tool. She asked, “What is it?” Keisha answered, “You know how you can never get that last bit of gloss from your lip gloss tube-” Before Keisha could finish her response, the woman let out a little yelp of joy and quickly pulled a near empty tube of gloss from her purse and said, “Finally!” She knew her goal of solving a common beauty bother had been accomplished! At that moment, Swoon's mission was clear – Beauty Made Better.

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