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  • We did it!

    Yes, we achieved and even surpassed our indiegogo goal thanks to a few last minute angel contributors (you know who you are)! The final hours of our campaign had all the drama and excitement of a Hollywood movie (or at least a good HBO special). There were last minute personal pleas to well monied acquaintances, desperate phone calls to old college friends, and an offer to sell my first born (not really, but I shamelessly put him in one of our final campaign update videos to tug at those emotional heartstrings, and it worked like a charm). Then, eight hours...

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  • Swoon... Live on Indiegogo!

    Are you a lip gloss lover who hates waste and loves to save money? Then Swoon is for you! I have been a lip gloss lover forever! And it's killed me to toss tube after tube of gloss that still had usuable product inside that I could never get out. So I created a revolutionary new cosmetics tool that will help lip gloss lovers like me save valuable product and money. Say hello to Swoon. Swoon is part spoon, part applicator and it’s designed to get every bit of gloss from a lip gloss tube. Its extra long applicator neck...

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