• Happy Birthday to Swoon!


    When we first founded Swoon Beauty three years ago, we set out on a mission of “beauty made better.” Our goal was to create clever cosmetics tools that solve common beauty bothers. Over the past three years, Swoon Beauty has become more than that!  Based on feedback I hear from consumers, friends and family, the value that Swoon Beauty brings by way of its founder, me, is much bigger than tools. People frequently ask for my insight and advice on how to save on small splurges in order to enjoy life's luxuries because as we all know, life is about choices. Often, small savings here and there can result in extra cash for big time fun!  For example, I’ve learned how to wrangle FREE, awesome haircuts from celeb stylists like Ted Gibson and Edris, saving $250 or more, by offering to be a hair model.  I use the money saved for things like Jill Scott concert tix (August 14th at Coney Island Amphitheater if you’re interested).

    This is the value Swoon Beauty truly brings to our community of value-conscious, luxury lovers - helping people live beautifully on a budget.  Everyone likes to save where they can. Even the one-percenters like to buy low, sell high and restructure their debt (shout out to Trump – not in a good way).

    So, on this, our third birthday (Brooklyn, we did it!Biggie reference for non-hip hop fans), we're celebrating with an announcement and gift to you. Moving forward, look for more tips across our blog and social channels for how to live beautifully for less (now is a good time to follow us if you don't already). We'll continue to develop multi-tasking, money saving cosmetics tools, but we'll help you in other ways too with info on the best places to primp, party and shop so you can save on small splurges and enjoy big time experiences!

    As a special gift to our loyal community, we're giving $3 off the purchase of Swoon on our website, with use of code 3rdBirthday.


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