• #BackToWork Tip #3 - Get It to the Door the Night Before

    Whether you love to organize or just appreciate organization, we all know that life is much easier when our house is in order. If you have kids at home, or even if you don’t, getting out the door and #BackToWork after a vacation (or even a long weekend) can be difficult. There is so much to do and what feels like so little time to get it all done.

    To get out of the door quickly and efficiently, prepare the night before. Choose school and work clothes and pack all lunches and backpacks at night. Leave backpacks and purses, with keys, cell phone and makeup in or near the purse, at the door. If your purse is a bottomless pit, like mine, the LAY/N/GO COSMO is the perfect cosmetics bag to help lessen the mess (and stress) and save you time when searching for your fave lip color. LAY/N/GO COSMO is the ultimate cosmetic bag…smart, chic...and machine washable! Cosmetics are easily contained, on a clean, dry surface. No more searching or dumping! Simply pull the drawstring, conveniently use, pack and store, and repeat! @layngo

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