• Ease #BackToWork by Getting Gorgeous Fast

    Get gorgeous fast by using multi-tasking products and tools. To ensure you’re ready to put your best face forward when you return to work after vacation, choose cosmetics that pack a punch, such as a face cream that works as a concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen; and an eye shadow stick that doubles as eyeliner. Also select multi-tasking beauty tools, like Swoon. Swoon is part spoon, part applicator and designed to help you reach and apply every drop of gloss in your lip gloss tube.

    If you find yourself in a bind, and discover that your favorite gloss has about 20% left in the tube, but it’s unreachable by the applicator that comes with it, Swoon can help you solve this pesky beauty conundrum and get you out the door with little effort. With Swoon, you can say goodbye to lost gloss and get #BackToWork with your most perfect pout. @GetSwoon.

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