• We did it!

    Yes, we achieved and even surpassed our indiegogo goal thanks to a few last minute angel contributors (you know who you are)! The final hours of our campaign had all the drama and excitement of a Hollywood movie (or at least a good HBO special). There were last minute personal pleas to well monied acquaintances, desperate phone calls to old college friends, and an offer to sell my first born (not really, but I shamelessly put him in one of our final campaign update videos to tug at those emotional heartstrings, and it worked like a charm). Then, eight hours before our campaign ended, an anonymous donor contributed $372, putting us over our goal by $1. For the next eight hours, money continued to pour, okay, trickle in. By the time all was said and done we exceeded our goal by 3%. On Wall Street, beating analyst predictions by this much would be considered huge! Now the real work begins, manufacturing the product. A major challenge in this phase of the project is overcoming the language barrier. I speak English and the manufacturers speak... manufacturese. I just read an article on cnn money which stated that 84% of kickstarter projects miss there intended delivery dates, most by more than two months. I'm determined to prove that statistic wrong. Stay tuned for the next installment oh Birth of a Brand (echoooooo).
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