• Swoon... Live on Indiegogo!

    Are you a lip gloss lover who hates waste and loves to save money? Then Swoon is for you! I have been a lip gloss lover forever! And it's killed me to toss tube after tube of gloss that still had usuable product inside that I could never get out. So I created a revolutionary new cosmetics tool that will help lip gloss lovers like me save valuable product and money. Say hello to Swoon.

    Swoon is part spoon, part applicator and it’s designed to get every bit of gloss from a lip gloss tube. Its extra long applicator neck is designed to reach every spot of the tube. Swoon has a flexible application head, made with the same material as fine calligraphy pens. Its handle is elegant and easy to hold.

    We launched our Indiegogo campaign on 11/16. Log on, support us and place your pre-order for Swoon. We are raising $9,500 to cover the cost of molds, samples and production. Share our page with your friends. The more social buzz we generate, the greater our chance of appearing on the homepage of Indiegogo.

    Check back frequently and support our efforts so that millions of lip gloss lovers can say goodbye to lost gloss and hello to Swoon!

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