• Up Your Beauty IQ

    They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Luckily that rule doesn't apply to not-so-young beauty junkies!

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     I learned two new beauty tricks/tips from my fairy glam-mother at Sephora this week. Tip #1: sometimes, when you change one product in your beauty routine, other parts of your regimen. will be affected.  This past summer, I switched my daily moisturizer.  I used a thicker, higher SPF formula from Dr. Grossman. Suddenly, my foundation didn't go on as smoothly as it used to.  I went to Sephora seeking a solution, in the form of a new foundation, and I was actually dissuaded from buying one (what?! don't spend money). The beauty advisor suggested I return to the moisturizer I used before summer and see what happens.  

    That leads to tip #2: the order of concealer and foundation application matters.  I was doing it all wrong, foundation first then concealer. Am I the only one who heard concealer goes second?  The advisor then showed me how to blend all with a foundation brush, which leads me to my final point on this topic.  It's never too late to learn a new beauty trick.  I left the store $50 richer (having saved the money that would have been spent on new foundation) and with a better beauty IQ.  I switched back to my Kiehl's moisturizer, applied concealer first followed by foundation, blended it all with a brush I already had at home, and left the house looking flawless (in my best Beyonce voice). 

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