• Fall Beauty Hacks with Aquaphor

    Today marks the official start of fall, so we thought we'd share a few fall beauty hacks using Aquaphor, courtesy of Kiwi the Beauty.

    I thought the main use of Aquaphor was to heal diaper rash, but who knew it had so many other uses!  Happy Fall.

    Makeup Remover – Ran out of make-up wipes, remover or just need to get some of you makeup off quickly? Dab some Aquaphor into a napkin and remove! Works great on lipstick & eye shadow removal!

    Perfume Enhancer – Are you tired of your perfume only lasting for the first couple of minutes of putting it on. Well putting the Aquaphor on you key scent areas such as your neck, back of ears and wrist before spraying your perfume will surprisingly extend and enhance your scent for a longer amount of time!

    Cracked Skin – The colder weather is approaching and sometime lotion doesn’t always  work to keep your skin from getting cracked. Use some Aquaphor on your skin, especially your face and hands to keep them smooth and crack  free

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