• 4 Cool Tools to Give and Get

    To ensure you have a cool yule, the Swoon Beauty team (me) searched the world wide web to curate a collection of clever tools, great gifts to give and get, that are easy on the wallet but big on benefits.  Consider this our gift to you. Happy Holidays!

    For the Techie 
    Make them Queen or King of the Clean Screen with the SmartKlear Carbon Device Cleaner.

    Smart device screens become squeaky clean with this simple cleaner that uses NASA carbon cleaner technology.  Swipe the pad across the screen a few times, and the screen will be clear. When the pad is replaced into it's holder, friction between it and a pad in the cap causes the carbon molecules to shift—giving a fresh cleaning surface every time. Best of all, it costs less than $15!

    For your Foodie Friend
    Add pop to water with this flavor-infusing water bottle.

    Eau So Tasty! Would you like your water with strawberry and basil? Anyone can be a water mixologist with this flavor-infusing water bottle. Treat yourself to a refreshing, midday pick-me-up of lemon and mint, or a splash of summertime with blueberries and watermelon. This sleek, glass bottle also cuts the environment a break, reducing our dependence on plastic water bottles. Again, only $15 bucks.

    For the Pet Lover
    Protect Their Pups with PetHub

    With PetHub, your friend of the furry will have peace of mind that their pets will be protected with a digital pet ID tag. If a pet goes missing, anyone with a phone (smart phone or 'old school') can scan their tag, safely & securely view the pet’s profile, and get in contact with the owner or someone on their trusted list. Best of all, a subscription to PetHub includes a human-staffed 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" free with the Basic service - starting at $3/month.

    Fitness Freaks
    Moov - A Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

    Moov, a new breed of fitness tracking technology is more like a wearable coach. The device, about the size of a wristwatch, offers real time insights and feedback while you exercise in order to improve not only the quality of your workout, but also to improve the way you exercise. Moov's app is also interesting. It features a form of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a wearable coach that analyzes your movements in real time and provides actionable audio and visual feedback. Tips range from how to keep your pace up to perfecting your stride length. If you crush a level, the coach will level you up until you are challenged. It's currently on sale on Amazon.

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