• This Thanksgiving - A Secret Shout Out to Sephora


    Like many of you, this Thursday I will reflect on the many things I'm thankful for, including friends, family, health and of course, Swoon. However, one of the things I'm most thankful for that will likely not receive a shout out at the Thanksgiving table is Sephora's liberal return policy.

    I love makeup, polish, fragrance and new tools, but I'm no glam guru.  More often than not, a product I try in the store that gets applied by a professional, doesn't work as well at home with my novice makeup application skills. I can name a few recent products that I loved in store that just didn't quite work out at home;

    A gorgeous peach blush made me glow like I was fresh from a Caribbean vacay in the store. When I applied at home, I looked more like a clown than Caribbean queen.

    A sleek lip pencil with self sharpening mechanism in the cap worked like a charm in the hands of Sephora's pros, but every time I opened it, the tip would break.  I returned it, got a new one and lesson on how to use it.

    A recent fragrance purchase smelled divine in store, but somehow did not mix with my body chemistry to produce the same sweet results at home.  No worries, exchanged for my old, familiar favorite!

    Part of the fun of makeup, for me at least, is the discovery. It's nice to know you can explore with minimum risk thanks to Sephora. So this Thursday when I'm sitting at the table sharing what I'm thankful for, though I may not say it out loud, I'll give Sephora's return policy a secret shout out!

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