• #LifeWithVision

    On Saturday, I attended a very inspirational brunch hosted by Bevy Smith, host of VH1 Fashion Queens (among other things).  Life With Vision was inspired by Bevy's famed, "Dinner With Bevy" series. Bevy's desire to create "Life With Vision" was to host a revolutionary event comprised of fellowship and practical ideas to remix your life.  However, unlike a traditional seminar, "Life With Vision" takes place over a chic three course meal, giving new meaning to FOOD for thought.

    #LifeWithVision attracts entrepreneurs and more, with the goal of bringing together like-minded individuals who will become each others' well-wishers and co-conspirators.  No words can describe the energy in the room on Saturday afternoon.  So rather than try, I put together a photo gallery of some of the afternoon's highlights.  I'm so inspired to take Swoon to the next level.  I hope you all with come along with us as we strive to fulfill our mission of "Beauty Made Better."

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