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  • Swoon - The Next 100 Days

    I recently read a blog by Seth Goodin entitled, "The First 100 Days" which discussed the urgency associated with the launch of a new product and the perceived need to generate a lot of buzz and excitement during the first 100 days. It made me think about Swoon, and all of the many supporters who were apart of our urgent, buzz-worthy Indiegogo campaign which made up the first 30 days of our launch. Since then, all of you have been waiting patiently for delivery of your much anticipated Swoon (which is just under two months behind delivery - thank you for your patience). The article shared that while a "first 100 days" launch strategy may work for the movies, where week 1 determines how many screens you get for week 2, it doesn't make as much sense for other products, like Swoon, that will have a half-life measured in years or decades, not days. In his blog, Seth suggests, "The problem with a great launch strategy is it just might sabotage your real goal, which is a project that lasts." This is why we're taking our time with Swoon, and not rushing the manufacturing process, to ensure that our product is made exactly how we intended so that the end result is a product and brand that lasts. We're focused on the next 100 days. During that time, we will have our first funder pitch meeting with Golden Seeds Angel Fund; complete manufacturing; have a meeting with Ricky's NYC; fulfill Indiegogo; premiere at Cosmoprof; and hopefully, secure our first retail distribution deal. Until then, thanks again for your patience and going along with us on our journey as we give birth to a product and brand that we know you'll love! We hope you're in this for the long haul, not just the first 100 days.