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    What's your Beauty Peeve?  Every girl's got one, and for me, the struggle to get all of the lip gloss out of my favorite lip gloss tubes was beauty enemy number one. I was frustrated by having to unsafely scoop or toss countless tubes of not quite empty lip gloss into the trash each month because the wands that come with the gloss never reach the bottom of the tube. I created Swoon so that lip gloss wearers everywhere can finally say goodbye to lost gloss!

    Tell us your Glam Gal Gripe, and its solution could become Swoon's next product.  Share your beauty point of pain, and if others share your pain, Swoon could develop a product or tool to solve it. Sharing is caring.  C'mon, let it out, this is one place where it's okay to complain!!

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    • nia says...

      My beauty bother is my hair I went though a point in my life when I would pull out my hair called Trichotillomania I don’t really remember how I stared doing I just remember when it got worse I think it was a coping thing(I had to move schools for my last year of elementary so bye bye friends) the pulling got bad in the middle of the year my mom and lady that did my hair noticed I denied pulling so they thought something was wrong with me I when to the doctor got some pill got my hair braided to cover the spot I had created up and I cried a little and every thing was good for a while middle school stared and the pulling continued it was worse and I couldn’t deal I was getting bulled and lashing out getting suspended fighting going home crying school ended and 7th grade came I had gotten better at not pulling got my hair done really nice had a great year that year no bullys lots of friend 8th,9th the pulling was basically in the past every now and angina I pull a little but nothing to the point it was at before but in 9th when I finally said by to braids and hello to just my natural hair things got tricky it was a new feeling basically 4 years of covering it up and now it was out and I was excited I what’d to curl it and put it up in lots of different style and it did for a while and ten it stared breaking an I got it cut not what I wanted to do but had to its a pixie I got lots of mixed feelings a lot of people didn’t understand but I liked it ig now 10th grad year it had grown some but it was and still is in a awkward state hard to work with and people make jokes sometime or I just feel insecure so I’d really what a change for my junior year problem is I have no job no money and I rather not ask my parents just because they have spent tons of my over the year trying to help me cover the damage I’ve done so what I’m asking is if you could help me with my beauty bother #SwoonSavestheDay

      On July 08, 2015

    • ashley forbes says...

      wow this is such an amazing opportunity. I can only imagine what I would do with $500 to myself. this will be the time where I can be the most careless person. I can go off on a limb and buy what I want and not necessarily what I need. in the fall of 2015 I start my first year college. I will be attending university of Redlands.As simple as it seems to go to college its not that easy it took a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, stress, but I maintained throughout my four years of high school. I guess it all paid off because I was name the salutatorian of my graduating class. throughout my 4 year journey I never had the best clothes and I didn’t wear makeup. there was some moments I felt less than what I was actually was , but nothing that a little Bob Marley and prayer couldn’t fix. my senior year I decided to get into the makeup scene. the more and more I used it the more I got interested. seeing all these beautiful women wearing a variety of makeup from drugstore brand to high end brand, I was just so intrigued. now as I go into college I know that it’ll be a new environment for me. I don’t want to walk onto campus looking at the quote on quote hot mess. I want the opportunity to look fabulous. it will be hard for me because my school cost $60,000 per year. Thank God I am on a low income so most of the funds will be covered,but the rest that I have to make up will be very difficult because me and my family are going through hard times. this will be ultimately blessing if I can get the grand prize of $500 to spend on anything that I care products for my big chop that I will be doing some very soon, makeup that will actually stay on my face, and of course smell good products because I sweat like crazy I don’t want anyone getting a wiff of me when I step onto campus. thank you so much for this opportunity any prize will be a blessing for me. I really hope i win. #swoonsavestheday

      On July 05, 2015

    • Natasha Fedderman says...

      Glam Girl Gripes… Oh where to begin?! I guess I’ll start bottom:
      A primer that will actually help my foundation to last all day.
      A foundation that is oil-free, matte coverage, full coverage (without looking like I caked it on), and literally lasts all day.
      A concealer that lasts all day and full coverage.
      A mascara that will not end up on my face by the end of the day. And a finishing spray that actually works to keep my makeup in place.
      I know these products are out there somewhere, but I’ve yet to find them. It’s like trying to find Prince Charming! LOL
      Oh and while I’m at it, I wish that someone can grant me the ability to apply the perfect eyeliner…on both eyes. :-)

      On July 02, 2015

    • Chic says...

      I hate it when I spend $40 on a powdered foundation, drop the compact and the powder breaks into a million pieces!

      On April 12, 2014

    • Karen Blubaugh says...

      No matter what mascara I use, my lashes always clump! I have tried every mascara almost! Cheap and expensive brands. Nothing has worked! I have thin, short, barely there lashes! Any advice? Thank you!

      On April 04, 2014

    • Pia says...

      My beauty bother relates to my sideburns. I have some facial hair and need an at-home remedy to remove it. A mini shaving tool with a narrow razor would do the job as it would be small enough to focus only on the problem area. Can Swoon please help this girl to continue looking like a girl??

      Thanking you in advance.

      On September 17, 2013

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