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    What's your Beauty Peeve?  Every girl's got one, and for me, the struggle to get all of the lip gloss out of my favorite lip gloss tubes was beauty enemy number one. I was frustrated by having to unsafely scoop or toss countless tubes of not quite empty lip gloss into the trash each month because the wands that come with the gloss never reach the bottom of the tube. I created Swoon so that lip gloss wearers everywhere can finally say goodbye to lost gloss!

    Tell us your Glam Gal Gripe, and its solution could become Swoon's next product.  Share your beauty point of pain, and if others share your pain, Swoon could develop a product or tool to solve it. Sharing is caring.  C'mon, let it out, this is one place where it's okay to complain!!

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    • Emma vasquez says...

      #SwoonSavestheDay My beauty wish is to be able to help my daughter start her career as a makeup artist, nail technician, and hair stylist. She just finished cosmetology school and has recieved her license but she wants to do free lance makeup aside from working at a beauty salon. Her birthday is recently coming up on August 28 and I remember my daughter saying that she needed to find a job so she could start building a makeup kit. From my visits to places like sephora, sally beauty supply, and Mac, I know it could take quite a while for her to build up her kit and I would love to help her get started on her kit as a birthday present so she can start taking clients and have another means and way of earning money. I would greatly appreciate your help so I can help my daughter get started on her career path as a makeup artist and hair stylist. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and I wish and hope that you are able to help me so I can help my daughter. #SwoonSavestheDay

      On July 30, 2015

    • jasmine dominguez says...

      #SwoonSavestheDay My beauty wish is to be able to win the $500 in order to help myself and get the right products to do so. When I was in middle school, I was bullied because I had cystic acne, really bad frizzy hair, gorilla eyebrows, and my nails were constantly yellow for some reason that I still havent found. I remember peolple would come up to me in gym and call me a monkey because of my eyebrows and hairy face. When I was in class, people would put objects in my hair such as sticky notes, little balls of paper, and at one point even a pencil. The last straw was when I fell asleep after a test and went to the restroom. Someone or some people thought it would be a fun idea to draw on my face where my acne and acne scars were and basically played connect the dots. It was so embarassing because they had used a red sharpie and I couldn’t wash it all off so I had to walk around with faint red marks on my face, aside from being self consious about my acne and my scars. I held my depression in for so long that I decided to put a stop to it when I entered high school. I started looking for ways to fix my hair and my acne, aside from painting my nails to hide the yellowness and getting my eyebrows and face waxed. Needless to say that it has worked to an extent, but I still suffer from acne from time to time. If my beauty wish could be granted, I would invest in buying some skin care products and hair products so I can tame my acne and frizziness. For once I would like to be able to have someone talk to me instead of focusing on my acne when I talk. It gets embarrasing and not to mention annoying. I am glad that you guys are able to host this giveaway and I hope that you guys can help me in my journey to boost my self confidence and will do whatever you guys can. Please and thank you, Jasmine Dominguez #SwoonSavestheDay

      On July 30, 2015

    • Michelle Castillo says...

      #SwoonSavestheDay If I have a chance to win the $500 beauty wish, my beauty wish would be for me to be able to build up my makeup kit. As a Makeup artist who is just starting out in the world, I havent had the chance to build my kit. I would love for my beauty wish to be granted so I can have a means to start marketing myself as a free-lance Makeup artist. As any free-lance makeup artist knows, it costs quite a pretty penny to build up a makeup kit. $500 dollars would be wonderful so I can get some high end products to get my kit started. Every Makeup artist needs some high end products ( as the quality is usually greater) when doing makeup on their client. I hope you can help grant my wish so I can start marketing myself as a free-lance Makeup artist as being a Makeup artist is my career, but I need a little help. Thank you for being generous and hosting this amazing contest and I hope you guys can be able to help me out in my career. #SwoonSavestheDay

      On July 30, 2015

    • Keir says...

      #SwoonSavestheDay My beauty wish is to take a makeup certification class. I return back to college in less than a month, and I think it would be great to share the gift of beauty with other girls at school at an affordable price. As we all know, most makeup artist charge approximately $50 to their clients, and as a college student, I know that we’re always on a budget. With that being said, I can help the girls look amazing for all special occasion at a price they can afford.

      On July 30, 2015

    • Allison Zanine says...

      My beauty wish is improve at applying makeup, doing hair, and painting nails. About two years ago I decided I wanted to go to college to study cosmetology and I have been practicing hair and makeup ever since then. Wearing makeup makes me feel more confident and bold. With 500 dollars I would buy makeup products, hair products/tools, skin care products, and/or nail care products from Ulta or Sephora so I can continue to practice applying makeup, styling hair, and painting nails for what is hopefully my future career. Thank you for your time and consideration :)

      On July 30, 2015

    • Lindsey says...

      My beauty wish is to feel comfortable and beautiful on my upcoming wedding day. My battle with polycystic ovary syndrome has led me to gain 50 pounds and suffer from a debilitating fight with anorexia. I am recovering but some days are better than others. My beauty wish is to get my first ever makeover and spa treatment on my wedding day so I can feel beautiful and focus on what really matters- my future husband and our life together. That is what is truly beautiful. #SwoonSavestheDay

      On July 28, 2015

    • Tatyanna Freeman says...

      My beauty wish is to be able to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in the skin Im in! I love hair and makeup but I don’t have the funds to get anything in that nature, only necessities. Medical bills have really gotten in the way. When my hair and makeup is looking great, I know Id feel great. Doing my makeup and my hair used to be the best part of my day, now doing that is no longer a option because I have nothing to work with. Please help me feel beautiful again.
      What’s a girl without her sparkle?
      P. S I always wanted to have Wand curls ?

      On July 20, 2015

    • Morgan says...

      Hi Swoon Beauty! My names Morgan and I have more beauty dilemmas then you could imagine! When I found about what you were doing from Glaminista08’s channel I was like YES OMG FINALLY LOL. One of my biggest problems is that I have acne…..(it sucks) But it’s not just pimples that I have it’s a mix of allergy bumps as well. I have very sensitive skin, and it is a big struggle in my life to have to waste money on products that give me problems with my skin. Some of the makeup products I use are good for the non-affected parts of my skin but the makeup that really works for the areas of my skin that have problems are the ones that I cannot afford. Which is a real bummer. I am a pre-teen and makeup is my passion! Everything about it I love, it just makes me feel more confident in my own skin and it makes me feel equal around my friends that are more confident than me. Thank you for this opportunity I would love to win no matter what place I get!
      Thank you again, Morgan

      On July 18, 2015

    • Keyla says...

      There’s a lot that $500 can get you in both the beauty world and everyday life. Plus I mean who in their right mind would complain about getting a little extra cash in there pocket? If i were to win the 500 dollars or even prize for that matter i have to say i’d spend it on my mom. She has tons of health issues and over the years shes forgotten what it’s like to feel beautiful. So with the money i would take her on a spa day, get her nails/hair done, and with whatever is left let her buy something that she feels beautiful in whether that be makeup or clothes. This isn’t really creative or funny but i hope it’ll still be considered. Thanks! :) #swoonsavestheday

      On July 18, 2015

    • Amina Shuba says...

      My ultimate gripe would be when you’re down to the last bit of foundation and the foundation just so happens to spread in every corner of the bottle instead of coming out

      On July 09, 2015

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