lip gloss SCOOP and APPLICATOR

When you love something, like a latte, you want to savor every last drop – slurp! Swoon makes gloss good to the last drop.

Don’t toss your gloss that’s smirking and staring at you from the bottom of the tube.

Reach into your makeup bag and get Swoon. Leave no gloss behind.

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Ashley & Betty can’t get to all the gloss. Check out how they deal with this common beauty bother. Are you on #TeamAshley or #TeamBetty?

stop the MADNESS

When running out of your favorite gloss, have you driven yourself mad by . . .

  • removing the stopper
  • cutting the tube in half
  • creating a sticky mess
  • throwing the tube away

That’s no way to live. Step away from the scissors and reach for Swoon. Swoon is a universal lip-gloss scoop and applicator, and the only tool designed to get all the gloss from your favorite lip-gloss tubes when you’re on the go so you can save time and money while looking fabulous.

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