This tool rules. When you’ve hit the bottom of the tube, grab Swoon - part scoop part applicator. Reach and apply all the gloss.

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Ashley & Betty can’t get to all the gloss. Check out how they deal with this common beauty bother. Are you on #TeamAshley or #TeamBetty?

length MATTERS (as usual)

Shorties suck. Most standard lip gloss applicators are 1 inch shorter than Swoon, making it impossible to reach all surfaces of the tube. Don’t toss your gloss, get Swoon – the universal lip gloss applicator.

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stop the MADNESS

When running out of your favorite gloss, have you driven yourself mad by . . .

  • removing the stopper
  • cutting the tube in half
  • creating a sticky mess
  • throwing the tube away

That’s no way to live. Step away from the scissors and reach for Swoon. Swoon is a universal lip-gloss scoop and applicator, and the only tool designed to get all the gloss from your favorite lip-gloss tubes when you’re on the go so you can save time and money while looking fabulous.

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